Deltacron COVID-19 Variant Found in Cyprus, What Do We Know?

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Deltacron COVID-19 Variant Found in Cyprus, What Do We Know?

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  • January 10, 2022
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Scientists in Cyprus have discovered a new strain of the Deltacron Covid virus. This virus is not a threat to humans. But it is a possible pathogen to spread to other places. Professor of biological sciences at the University of Cypriot and head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, Leondios Kostrikis, told Bloomberg that there are currently more than 25 cases of this ailment worldwide, so the newest discovery is a good time to examine the possibility that it could potentially be a new strain.

Deltacron Covid variant found in Cyprus we know do we know

The new variant of the Deltacron coronavirus has the same genetic background as the ‘Delta’ variant but contains more mutations than the ‘Omicron’ strain. There were ten mutations in 25 samples from Cyprus, including one that came from a hospitalized person and seven from a general population. The researchers will study the variant to learn if it has the ability to infect humans.

The team from the University of Cyprus identified 25 cases of Deltacron and 10 mutations were found in the ‘Omicron’ strain. They sent their findings to GISAID, a global database for all things Rona. While it is still too early to tell whether this new variant is a symptom of a more severe case, it is still worth investigating. We know how the virus spreads, but do we know enough to treat it?

The Greek Cypriot government has already announced its support for the new variant, which is a combination of Omicron and Delta. This new COVID-virus has been named ‘Deltacron’, but it is not a real virus. The name is just a fictitious nickname for this disease. The researchers hope to get a new strain named ‘Omicron’ that will eventually take over the world.

The new virus is not a major threat to human health, but the researchers are unsure what it might mean for people in the country. However, the virus is highly contagious and could affect humans. As a result, the Cyprus Cypriot Government has warned that this new virus is not a threat to Cyprus. The disease is contagious, and there have been 25 cases so far.

The findings are exciting and alarming news for the region. A new type of COVID has been discovered in a Mediterranean country, whose population is largely immune to the disease. There are many ways in which the virus can cause illness, but the only way to stop it is to control it. Luckily, there are many ways to fight it. First of all, you can prevent it from being transmitted.

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