Deltacron Covid-19 Variant Found in Cyprus

Deltacron Covid-19 Variant Found in Cyprus

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  • January 10, 2022
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Deltacron Covid variant found in Cyprus we know do we know

Scientists have recently discovered a new variant of the Deltacron coronavirus. This virus combines two distinct strains of the same disease, the Omicron and Delta varieties. This new combination was first identified in the country of Cyprus, where the disease is particularly prevalent. Professor Leondios Kostrikis, of the University of Cyprus, led a team that identified 25 cases of COVID and a high proportion of them were diagnosed with this recombinant form. “The finding is really encouraging,” said Kostrikis in an interview with Sigma TV.

Earlier this year, researchers discovered a new strain of the Deltacron coronavirus combining the traits of the Omicron and Delta varieties. He dubbed this strain the Deltacron and says that it has been detected in patients hospitalized in Cyprus for the coronavirus. Although there are some concerns with the emergence of this ‘Deltacron’ strain, experts don’t believe it is a cause for concern.

The recent discovery of the Deltacron strain in Cyprus raises the question of whether it is a variant or contamination. Some experts have speculated that the Deltacron strain may not be a variant but instead a contaminant. But the news story was a bit of a surprise to some – the Health Minister of Cyprus said the new version is not a cause for concern. But researchers have sent the sequences of the new variant to the global coronavirus database GISAID maintains.

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