Samsung’s SmartSSD has a 50% faster processing time

Samsung’s SmartSSD has a 50% faster processing time

Samsung’s SmartSSD has a 50% faster processing time


Samsung wants to make SmartSSD smarter. recently unveiled its second generation of computational SSDs. Samsung claims that the SmartSSD will speed up data processing and reduce latency between SSD and CPU. This will reduce concerns that the CPU is slowing down the SmartSSD’s performance.

New Samsung SmartSSD can process your data 50% faster, Samsung claims

Samsung says that its new SmartSSD can process data 50% faster than the previous generation. It also uses 70 percent less power and reduces CPU utilization by 97 percent compared to standard SSD devices. The new SmartSSD will allow you to access your most frequently used data without bottlenecking.

This is not Samsung’s first venture into computational storage. This is the second generation of SmartSSD, as mentioned above. Although the first offering was not bad, it offered some advantages over traditional storage options. Samsung’s SmartSSD is expected to raise the bar with its new technology and features. Samsung has a long tradition with SSDs ..

Making gains

Samsung SmartSSDImage source: Samsung

One of the ways that Samsung’s new SmartSSD improved upon traditional is by removing the need to process information access on the CPU. This is possible because of a system that is built into the SSD. The SSD is powered by AMD Xilinx Versal FPGA.

Essentially, the AMD Xilinx VersalFPGA allows Samsung’s SmartSSD not to send data to other parts to process. This is a smart move and is being used in systems that require data movement.

At the moment, Samsung’s SmartSSD focuses more on the AI/ML inferencing markets. Users who depend on transcoding and analytics will be able rely on the SmartSSD’s faster processing speed to get their data processed quicker. The new system is currently being tested for commercial use. It is not clear when they will become more individual.

Samsung is making some progress in a market that might not be too problematic for users at the moment. It is important to streamline data processing as much as possible, as it has become more critical for different companies.

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