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Deltacron Covid-19 Variant Found in Cyprus

Scientists have recently discovered a new variant of the Deltacron coronavirus. This virus combines two distinct strains of the same disease, the Omicron and Delta varieties. This new combination was first identified in the country […]

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What is the IHU Variant?

IHU researchers first published their findings on this new variant in late December of 2014. Its index case had been vaccinated and later developed mild respiratory symptoms. The researchers found 46 mutations and 37 deletions […]

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COVID-19: What do we know about the Omicron Variant?

The Omicron Variant is different from other types of the virus because it has more mutations than its other cousins. This might mean that it is more transmissible and evasive than the other varieties. Its […]

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What Do We Know About Delta Variant of COVID-19?

This new virus is very different from its predecessors, the Alpha and Beta variants. It has a higher viral load and is capable of spreading the virus earlier than the former variants. As a result, […]

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Is the Congo Basin a Solution to Global Warming?

The Congo Basin is a vitally important area of the planet for environmental and economic sustainability. Its rainforests are home to the second-largest portion of the world’s peatlands, which stores the equivalent of 30% of […]

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Vital Medical Plants and Herbs

1. Echinacea Echinacea is a genus or group of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family (Asteraceae). The Echinacea genus has nine species, which are commonly called purple coneflowers. They are found only in eastern […]

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5G Explained: What is 5G and How Does It Work?

5G While LTE Advanced and gigabit networks are both rapidly evolving, 5G is the next step in mobile technology. This new technology is designed to offer much faster data speeds than current LTE networks. For […]