Insulin Discovery

Insulin Discovery: Diminishing Diabetes and Managing the Condition: The Life-changing Insulin

Discover how the groundbreaking discovery of insulin transformed diabetes from a deadly disease to a manageable chronic illness, revolutionizing diabetic care for millions worldwide. From the early 1920s to current research, explore the history, development, and impact of insulin therapy on diabetes management. […]

Doctor holding and examining results of MRI.

Detecting Diseases with Life-saving Precision: The Impact of MRI Technology on Modern Medicine

Discover how Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology has revolutionized healthcare by enabling high-quality soft tissue imaging for better disease detection and monitoring. This article explores the history, applications, and future prospects of MRI technology, highlighting its significant impact on modern medicine. […]

Cell Division, generic cell dividing with copy space, stem cells dividing

Examples of Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Cell therapy is a treatment that uses a patient’s own cells to treat disease. There are several types of cell therapies, including immunotherapies and cellular immunotherapy. These treatments can also be combined with […]

Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine. Covid19 vaccination

What is the IHU Variant?

IHU researchers first published their findings on this new variant in late December of 2014. Its index case had been vaccinated and later developed mild respiratory symptoms. The researchers found 46 mutations and 37 deletions […]